Returning to a favourite project is always exciting. Last week we revisited a project that was completed nearly fours ago and it is now well and truly established. To the project team’s credit nothing has needed changing or replacing and for a project of this scale and complexity that is a great outcome. We invited photographer Peter Brennan to look for new angles and views not previously captured and below are a few of these with the remainder now included in the Landscape project Northshore Estate.

Most noticeable from our last visit was the density of the mass-planting beneath the Oak trees and increased size of the trees planted. The swathes of ground ivy, liriope, acanthus, walking iris and renga renga lily are now full and impressive. The yellow-flowering Clivia remain a nice accent and the colonnade is completely covered in creamy, scented Wonga Wonga snow-bells. The edible olive is tall and dense, like the dwarf Water Gum and Australian Red Cedar, and the peerless Eumundy Quandongs are tall and handsome. The pool is sparkling, the lawns lush and the stonework warm and re-assuring. It was a pleasure to be in for the afternoon and for the photographer a pleasure to shoot.