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gordon courtyard

In 2013 CALDESIGN assisted a couple in Gordon to renovate their entry courtyard. A number of issues needed to be addressed for the courtyard to look and function as the owners desired.

Security and privacy were major issues in terms of views into the courtyard from the shared driveway, private road and pathway and adjacent townhouses. A hedge of Acmena smithii Red Tip was planted around the outer perimeter of the elevated front bed to enclose but not dislocate the space. A purpose built framed lattice gate and panel were designed and installed at the pedestrian entry. Hedging and swathes of Camellia sasanquaSyzygium, Gardenia, Lophostemon, Goldfussia, variegated OphiopogonClivia and Hedera canariensis provide the bulk of the new infill plantings. Hardenbergia, Viola and Vinca cascade over the raised garden walls to soften and to add colour. Bromeliads were spot-planted among the Ivy groundcover for seasonal accents. A large glazed feature urn under-planted with Liriope, large potted Citrus and potted French Lavender complete the picture.

A simple, semi-automatic drip irrigation system was installed, repairs made to the existing brick paving and the mature ornamental pear was shaped and cleared of dead wood. The style and colour scheme of plantings, timber-work and pottery was carefully considered to compliment the townhouse and the site.

Design, documentation, sourcing and project co-ordination – CALDESIGN

Build – The Other Side Landscapes

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