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2006 – a classic Cape Cod style house at the top of a curved concrete driveway and a steep, featureless lawn presented an interesting design challenge. Three concepts were developed with a fourth thrown in for good luck. Number four was selected and the scheme developed for DA approval and construction.

The concept played with intersecting arcs that created pockets, terraces, rivulets and left-over spaces. These were ordered and divided up into a sequence of shapes and forms that were to be either mass planted, filled with water or covered in grass. The arcing lines became vertical retaining walls of various height, garden edging and steps. A short solitary arc was inserted at the base of the garden to accept the mail, to hang the house number and to say hello – this is where I begin.

A mixture of hardy native and Mediterranean-style plantings were used with features including Senecio, Frangipani, Phormium, Strelitzia, Tanika, dwarf evergreen Magnolia, Hibbertia, Waterhousea and Eumundy Quandong. The various green, blue-grey and bronze tones contrast nicely with the sandy-toned and textured painted render finish on the blockwork.

Custom stainless steel water spouts and a hidden, purpose-built reservoir service connected ponds that appear half-way up the sandstone entry steps. Infilled with Zoysia lawn grass the steps meander up to the driveway landing/turning area and link to the existing sandstone steps at the house which are wrapped between new raised beds with stunning up-lit plantings in a conical shape to compliment the architecture. LED garden lighting and drip irrigation complete the garden.

Design, documentation and project co-ordination – CALDESIGN

Builder – Andrew Rogers

Landscape Contractor – Treehaven

Snaps – Andrew Lane

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