Edible gardens

Herbs and small tomatoes can be planted in containers which is ideal for smaller gardens and couryards. If your garden is large you can go ahead and plan a vegetable garden, which would be ideally located near the kitchen for easy access to your fresh produce. Get the kids involved too and make it fun for them by letting them choose a product each to grow, water and feed. Take them shopping with you and don’t forget to buy them their own garden tools and garden gloves, it’ll get them more excited and keen to start. It’s a great project for the school holidays! And if you need extra help getting started there are lots of helpful books available on the market. Here are some of our favourite titles:

The little veggie patch co. (Capomolla, Pember); Edible garden design (Jamie Durie); 1-minute gardener (M. Pember, F. Capomolla); The little veggie patch co.’s guide to backyard farming (Capomolla, Pember); Growing food the Italian way (Capomolla).

Colour and foliage

We love bright flowers in the garden, they always look striking against the greenery and look pretty in ¬†garden beds. To achieve a more interesting look select both hardy plants (such as succulents and hydrangeas) and delicate plants (such as wisteria), layer them with foliage for a more tropical look – it’ll help you create a more appealing setting in your garden.

 Outdoor furniture and pots

A selection of pots and containers in different sizes will add depth to your garden. Don’t forget a small outdoor table and chairs for those lazy Sunday mornings… A small trolley is also useful when entertaining, it’ll make it easier to wheel drinks and food out to your guests.