Interiors Trend Forecast

In 2018 we have seen the world of interiors transform into a new world of uplifting colours with bold statement pieces and designs. Some of these elements have been a surprising contribution but in our opinion have slotted in perfectly.

Over the past year, we have seen a shift from a soft, neutral palette with organic dimensions, to an exploration of bold luxe colours and organic textures. The results? Incredible spaces that are incorporate a blend of colour and luxe, but also maintain a sense of bohemian atmosphere. A perfect bespoke blend.

So what are they and how can you achieve this bespoke blend of luxe and bohemian? We have hand selected our top 3 interior trends that we are absolutely sure you will love.


By throwing aside the neutrals and adding a little more saturation, we have seen an emergence of rich bold colours such as teal, shades of forest green, navy, terracotta and shades of blue. Lighter hues such as powdery pinks and mints have also made a more bold striking appearance than the previous year. We are seeing these colours being using in much more courageous settings.

These dark tones have been combined with extremely luxe fabrics such as silks and velvets to create deeply bold and luxe pieces. Tailored with textual elements such as rattan and hessian, you can see the perfect mix of Luxe Bohemian design style.

Try at home – forest green or petrol blue for your kitchen cabinet doors or a library or study.

Artisan Textures & Materials

We have seen 2018 move towards a much more daring approach to mixing textures and materials. These textures and materials are being layered together and mixed in unique ways to create that ‘luxe bohemian’ vibe.

Natural elements such as rattan, hessian and sisal are being layered with metals, stones, marbles and timber. This layering effect really emphasises each diverse material and enables them to stand out and really make a bold impact upon the viewer.

Try at home – a rattan armchair for your reading corner or a beautiful sisal rug in the master bedroom.


Yes, you heard us! Terrazzo has been making a huge comeback from the 70’s. Terrazzo compositions originated in Italy over 500 years ago and was mainly used as a flooring solution. It is a composite material of marble (and granite) chippings set into cement and polished down. As a sustainable form, it was and still is a fantastic way to reuse scrapped pieces of rock.

We have seen terrazzo emerge and take over the marble trend that has been dominating the interiors world for the last few years. Terrazzo adds a certain playful character to a space and just simply looks so great!

But why is it becoming so popular? Well… think of the endless colour and material options available. We’re talking other materials such as glass and metal fragments… not just marble! There’s no wonder why terrazzo is growing in popularity. It gives people an alternative to concrete, granite and marble.

Try at home – A terrazzo pot at your front door with a beautiful plant in it will add a touch of contemporary and whimsy to any architectural style.

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Image Credits (in order from top):  

Graham Atkins-Hughes for Remodelista;
Sarah Davison Interior Design, Photography by Prue Rescoe; 
Sarah Davison Interior Design, Photography by Prue Rescoe; 
Sarah Davison Interior Design, Photography by Prue Rescoe; 
Terrazzo Banjo Pot in Black/White by Capra Designs
Terrazzo Clock in Black/White by Capra Designs
Terrazzo Effect by Zakkia Homewares